First of all, I want to wish all of my awesome clients a very Merry Christmas! It has been a great blessing to get to know all of you and to have been able to provide special memories to each and every one of you this year! A sincere Thank you!

Here is a sampling from my latest boudoir photography session from Boudoir Moments. Ms. J was a little shy, but we were able to create some really beautiful images for her. We had an awesome time. I love my job!! Thank you Ms. J! I hope your boyfriend loves them. Be sure to let me know…I’m sure he will be speechless!

Blog9 Super Sexy Ms. J   Tulsa Boudoir Photography

A little about boudoir portraits…I know that it is hard to make that decision to have sexy portraits taken of yourself for some of you out there. Just remember that once you do – be fully committed to it! Seriously, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be you, only better!

Nerves or not, really be in it 100%. Practice, practice, practice those sexy facial expressions and poses! Really! If you aren’t comfortable, it will show in your portraits. Commit to it, be the sex goddess that you always wanted to be…at least for the length of your session!  Why not?

It is true that I spend a lot of time in Photoshop to enhance your images, but unfortunately, I am not able to perform digital plastic surgery and turn everyone into Angelina Jolie icon biggrin Boudoir is All About Sexy! Boy, if I only could! LOL

Anyway, it is about making your session the best it can be and having fun at the same time. I always like to have fun and have a laugh or two…so don’t be shy! It’s hard to LOOK sexy if you don’t FEEL sexy! Just play the role of sex goddess in your own fashion shoot and your portraits will be SPECTACULAR!

Don’t forget! Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Book your session soon!