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    Curvy-Tulsa Boudoir


    Curvy girls…yes! Girls are meant to be soft, curvy and feminine. Ms. C came with a friend to her boudoir session and I knew I wanted to photograph her as soon as I saw her. She’s a sweet, spunky girl She rocked her boudoir session. If you’re a curvy girl and want to talk with me about possibly doing a boudoir session, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am happy to setView full post »

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    Tulsa Boudoir Session FAQ – answered!

    I want to help ease your fears or your curiosity and answer some frequently asked questions that you have been afraid to ask. Fear of the unknown, right? Many are you are probably apprehensive about wearing lingerie in front of a complete stranger. That is what most are thinking, right? It’s all skin and skimpy underwear and oh no! what about my arms, what about that tattoo I hate, whatView full post »

    fashion friday|boudoir

    I love this set. It ties in with my post about 50 Shades of Grey. All of these outfits would be perfect for a 50 shades boudoir shoot with me. I am finally going to see the movie today! Yay! Hope to get lots of inspiration for boudoir sessions for those daring ladies out there. Release your inner goddess!View full post »

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    50 shades of grey boudoir sessions | tulsa boudoir

    Well, the wait is finally over…the movie is out! Curious to see if it lived up to the books. I have read the books, but have not yet seen the movie. It was sold out, so will have to plan soon. Anyway, I am betting on a baby boom around Thanksgiving this year I want to do my part to contribute to that by putting the idea out there for those lovely ladies out there who think they want to doView full post »

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